The School of the Future SIGMA OFFICE

The Tutorial of the Future


New innovative products, ergonomic ideas and learning methods that change the future of Education.


The needs of our time set high goals in the field of education.

The digital age has opened the spiritual and cultural horizons to teachers and learners.

The "perfect-school", the "school of tomorrow" a school that meets the needs of students and New Learning Methods is an urgent need in the field of Education.


SIGMA following the developments and new trends, shapes according to the new data NEW INNOVATIVE products that are organized in ERGONOMIC classrooms with UPDATED Learning Methods.


Meet our new innovative products :::


& gt; & gt; Chair Chair

Wheelchair, chair desk, seminar chair with 6 twin wheels.


& gt; & gt; Clever Bank

Bank for GROUPS of students that is electronically raised from 60cm h to 125cm h to meet different age needs.


& gt; & gt; FOLD folding desk

The desk is wheeled, has a brake mechanism on its wheels, to immobilize .. has a metal grate, and the ability to tilt the surface.