Design your workspace SIGMA OFFICE

Design your workspace

The specialized staff of the company, designs a complete professional space, for your needs.

 STEP 1: Top view of the space SIGMA OFFICE

STEP 1: Top view of the space

Visit one of the SIGMA stores with a floor plan for the space you are interested in ...

 Optionally SIGMA OFFICE


It is possible to visit a specialist in your area, in order to measure it (for Athens and Thessaloniki area)

 STEP 2: Product selection SIGMA OFFICE

STEP 2: Product selection

Selection of office furniture that suits your space with the help of specialized consultants of SIGMA.

 STEP 3: Photorealistic illustration SIGMA OFFICE

STEP 3: Photorealistic illustration

3D illustration of your business space

 STEP 4: Virtual Reality SIGMA OFFICE

STEP 4: Virtual Reality

Navigate your 3D space with virtual reality (VR) glasses.

 Ready to work SIGMA OFFICE

Ready to work

Completing the design stages of your space ...