Products service by SIGMA SIGMA OFFICE

Products service by SIGMA


Sigma company pays great attention to the choice of design, dimension and color of your furniture, it is very important to highlight and correct ergonomics of your workplace.

Equally important is the sense of security and we want to have after your furniture market.

This security, we offer you in Sigma.

The Service forms an integral part of our company.

Our objective is to market any product Sigma followed by and
"Our commitment" to offer you the possibility of repair of the product - and after the end of the guarantee - shall return excellent functionality and appearance.

This is ensured by Sigma, but also through its cooperating suppliers (Greek and foreign companies), who have the same vision with us:
 - Maintaining of satisfied and loyal customers -

As can be seen, this obvious benefit, because the offer and simply pays to us. Interest to us all, the office furniture you purchased from Sigma be for as long as possible, functional and beautiful as new.

Better to have a permanent partner for the supply of your office furniture.

We need enthusiastic customers.