Products'  Guarantee SIGMA OFFICE


 All of our products are subject to warranty.



Construction defects - Substandard.

The flaws and imperfections are accepted only if identified at the time of delivery and if the product has been transferred to the customer premises with our own means of transport or received by our reports. Our company is not responsible for damages or losses arising during transportation by third parties.


Deterioration of fabric from normal use.

The seat if selected with fabric lining has 3 years warranty.
If selected with artificial leather guarantee is defined to 2 years on the wear of the equipment.


Lifting mechanism and backrest tilt mechanism.

The customer will be charged for labor or parts that will be needed to repair the product.


Spare parts for 10 years.

If it is not possible due to force majeure, that the same spare part then the company must replace it with a similar one.


Telephone assistance.

Telephone help-use of seat mechanisms or tackle any problem from the point of sale of the product.


Repairs made to the store authorized outlets of the product during working days and hours. The holder shall be responsible for the production and delivery of the product.

The guarantee does not give the right to financial compensation is or any other aozimiosi - replacement over the rectification.

The written product warranty applies only if accompanied by the purchase document (retail receipt or invoice).





- Damage caused by unauthorized personnel from our partners.

- Incorrect or improper use of the product outside the technical specifications defined by the manufacturer.

- Deterioration of metal skeletons waiting from overweight or improper use.

- Deterioration plastic shell from misuse or overweight.

- Deterioration in artificial leather upholstery after passing two years.

- Destruction of chemical substances, cigarettes, floods, earthquakes or force majeure events etc.

- Transportation of the product to and from the service point of repair of the product are charged to the customer.

- Wallpaper Staining, echmyra damage objects or damage from improper use of the standards that exist for cleaning.

- The warranty is valid for technical coverage and not the product change.





Without anetero the guarantee has no effect.

Any repair done in time the guarantee does not mean that postponed the original expiry date of the warranty period.




The company after the warranty has expired will continue to provide service with genuine parts in the products of the corresponding charge of labor and the parts and shipping costs.