Space Design in 3D SIGMA OFFICE



We design your space in 3D.


SIGMA offers the FREE DESIGN of your space, with the closing of the order over € 1,000.


The design department of SIGMA undertakes to design, through a special program on a computer, the floor plan of your tutorial and to present it to you in three-dimensional form, proposing solutions for placement of furniture in your space, in the best way.


STEP 1o : Visit one of the stores of SIGMA with a floor plan for the space you are interested in.


STEP 2: Select the tutorial equipment products that suit you with the help of SIGMA specialized consultants.


STEP 3 : See your space come to life ... in 3D.



So you are sure of the result!

We promise you that the end result will be what you dream of!


The service is provided FREE with the closing of the order over 1,000 € !!!