The benefits of an ergonomic work environment SIGMA OFFICE

The benefits of an ergonomic work environment

for customers and employees


Why should I pay attention to the image of my professional space?


Many times we say the expression << A PICTURE, A THOUSAND WORDS !!!! >>

The image of a professional space is the trademark of a company's philosophy. In every business and in every place that customers visit, there should be a character or a special style and a well-formed image in terms of the audience that is addressed but also for the executives who work in it. The renovation and the well-designed space define the identity and the philosophy of the company, bringing unique desired benefits for the business.

The work environment plays an important role in performance, in the mood of employees for performance with a leading role in their psychology. Its renewal definitely has a positive effect on their efficiency. Properly designed and functional space creates a sense of well-being in executives, which is transmitted to the customer when he "accepts" the services of executives. The sense of well-being is directly related to the concept of effective service and creates a competitive advantage.

Scientists involved in communication and marketing are well aware that the human brain in a matter of seconds can draw conclusions and form an opinion about the image it sees in front of it. This image automatically forms in the person subconscious thoughts and behaviors that lead him to adopt a specific behavior, attitude and decision. Ultimately, his emotional world moves his logic, which then comes to interpret and justify his decision.


If you are an entrepreneur try to see your business space through the eyes of your clients without focusing only on the financial costs required for this investment.


The renovation or the image of your business space is essential, because the company shows that:

  1. It has no financial problems but is active and professional

  2. The company is "renewed" to offer better services to its customers.

  3. It is interested in the work environment in which its employees and customers move

  4. Maximizes its value to its customers and suppliers

  5. It differs from its competitors

  6. It emphasizes its uniqueness and its identity

  7. Corrects space errors, which affect productivity and ergonomics

  8. Increases its resale value

  9. It finds solutions and reacts dynamically to the purchasing melancholy of the times

  10. He knows how to improve the mood of the professional and the executives.


Which images of the company destroy its reputation and value, in the eyes of customers.


In a work environment the image that one can encounter such as:

  1. Old-fashioned furniture

  2. Poor space-organization and decoration inside and outside the office.

  3. Incompatible colors

  4. Torn seat upholstery, ragged arms, broken wheels.

  5. "Uncomfortable, non-ergonomic furniture"


It gives us a very bad communication result for its reputation and value.


How decoration and the work environment can increase employee productivity.


The employee productivity is not only intertwined with the entrepreneurial leadership profile but also with their work environment.

Important elements in shaping his psychology are the Colors, the Lighting, the ergonomics of the office furniture.




  • >> Color


The science of psychology has shown that colors directly affect our mood. Each color is associated and evokes different emotions in each person and it is good for our business to know these details that play an essential role in the final decision to buy. Many studies have linked color to psychology and the effect it has on a person's nervous system.

Color is perhaps the most important element of interior decoration.

Purplefor example it is ideal for graphic designers, hairdressers, nail art professionals and creative people of an advertising company because it enhances their inspiration.

Brownis suitable for meeting rooms or offices where we want to give special prestige and value. It would fit in a law firm or an MP office.

The color or contrasts it may have in relation to other furniture may be on the wall or on the furniture. Eg on a sofa, in a chairs, etc.

Even the color of the plants and their presence in the space bring calm, relaxation and concentration.

Of course we do not need to fill the office with pots but to discreetly and strategically place some decorative plants in the space so that employees and customers have visual contact with them.


  • >> Lighting


It is a top factor in preventing fatigue and tiredness in a space whether it is natural or technical. Different lighting for an office space, for a meeting room, for a space with PC, for a waiting area, etc. Their role is important in the performance of the employee.

The ideal decoration of a professional space presupposes the installation of the right lighting system. When conditions allow, the space can be illuminated by daylight, through windows or other sources of natural light




  • >> Ergonomics


The contribution of ergonomics to the productivity of individuals is maximal.

Ergonomics is the applied science that aims to improve human performance, health and well-being in the work environment and beyond.

The comfortable and relaxed work, the avoidance of musculoskeletal disorders from lack of knowledge of choosing the right chair or the right organization of space are key performance factors.

The equipment of the professional space must therefore not be decided only on the basis of cost but with ergonomics as the primary criterion.


SIGMA has oriented its culture in the formulation of proposals and solutions based on ergonomics.


More information on issues related to the application of ergonomic principles for your professional space can be found in the section, <<articles & ergonomic tips>> or to contact with us and our experienced staff will help you by giving ergonomic solutions & suggestions.