STEP 3: Photorealistic illustration SIGMA OFFICE

STEP 3: Photorealistic illustration


You see your future space in 3D.

Photorealistic images are representations of the representation of the digital model with information about materials and lighting.

They result from a complex process of calculations, photorealistic imaging or rendering, and is done using special algorithms by the software.

Photorealistic illustrations can be all kinds of projections of the digital model.

The expert selects specific projection levels or observation points, then modulates the visual parameters for the photorealism process.

The digital model is displayed in great detail while the software calculates through photorealistic imaging all the visual effects from the use of the materials and lighting defined. In this way, photorealistic drawings and images are produced, which can be further processed on the Computer.

The photorealistic model or shading model is used in the simulation of how the images are produced in the real world and the performance of a scene is determined by the properties of the light sources as well as by the reflective properties of the surfaces.

Thus, the customer acquires a realistic picture of his space, and of the individual characteristics that we suggest.

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