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Sedentary Lifestyle: Tips for a flexible daily life

What can we do to protect ourselves from a sedentary lifestyle?

The trunk is the area of our body that ultimately remains more neglected and untrained, especially at this time, when due to COVID-19 we stay home for many hours.

Office work and teleworking intensify the phenomenon even more.

But it is good to remember that the seat is contrary to the nature of the human body, which is designed to move.

Therefore, long sedentary life tires the muscles that hold the spine, causes headaches and neck discomfort, aches and stiffness in the back and waist.

In fact, according to studies, back pain is the most common pain in the world.

Is there a way to avoid it and at the same time adapt to another challenge of the coronavirus?

 We have cleverly and substantially tips in order to address this global need for flexibility!


1. The lack of movement

We do not move enough because of the modern way of life (car, air conditioners, remote controls on the table, elevator, etc.) but also the quarantine due to COVID-19.

2. Wrong posture while sitting

.... Especially if we work in front of the computer for hours without breaks.
It is very important when we work to be constantly IN THE CORRECT SITTING POSITION
The proper posture promotes a healthy, efficient and ultimately a satisfied person.

What should be noted is that:

The daily use of an ergonomic seat, offers me a right posture, keeps me in a strong position and improves my pelvic health.

The “smart” mechanisms for adjusting the stiffness of the back tilt, the rolling of the seat as well as the height adjustment of the waist and headrest, maintain a CORRECT posture of my body.


My thighs point down and are at a 90o angle to each other.

The curve created at the point of my waist, allows the tilt’s pelvis forward, which ensures the natural and neutral position of the spine.

I BREATHE automatically better, as relaxing my neck allows the uninterrupted blood flow to the brain.

My arms are supported properly, so the elbows, shoulders and consequently the neck remain secure.

No part of the body is pressed and even after many hours of work .. I do not feel tired and physically annoyed.

If I suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, I do not feel any pain in the area of pain.

Therefore, investing in a proper chair, I invest in myself!


3. Stress tightens and makes muscles stiff

It is very important to try to relax and especially to organize our daily life, keeping a schedule that will calm us down and help us stay focused when we work while at the same time we will enjoy our free time more!


What can we do?


* We are sitting RIGHT

When working on the computer, our feet should be firmly on the floor, and our thighs and calves at a 90-degree angle for better blood circulation.
Ideally, we sit in one ergonomic chair supporting the waist, back and neck.

* We do stretching at regular intervals

We move our neck, arms and shoulders at regular intervals while sitting at the desk, on the couch or in the car.

Every hour we get up from our position and do some simple stretching exercises:

a) We stretch our arms back and forth.

b) We stretch our spine and neck and raise our head. We imagine that an imaginary thread pulls the top of our head up.

c) We tilt our head right and left, without lifting our shoulders.

* Walking or jogging

Neither too fast nor too late, but with a pace and duration of 30-40΄.

* Bicycle

We do not need to run, as long as we have a steady flow of movement and do not pause, for about 20΄.

* Aerobic exercise at home

A smart way to increase our activity is to combine an aerobic way of working out, doing a treadmill or stationary bike while watching TV.

"Try not to sit for many hours. But when you sit, try to choose chairs that comply with the principles of ergonomics and fit perfectly to the needs of your body "

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