Design your workspace SIGMA OFFICE

Space Design by SIGMA

Are you looking for solutions to create an ergonomic, comfortable and ideal workplace?

Introducing the new SIGMA service.

3D illustration of your space and projection with VR glasses.

With 3 simple steps you can also see what your future office will look like.

 The design department of the company SIGMA undertakes to design, through a special program on a computer, the floor plan of your workplace,

proposing solutions for placing furniture in your space, in the best way.


STEP 1: Visit one of the SIGMA stores with a floor plan for the space you are interested in.


STEP 2: Choose the office furniture that suits you with the help of SIGMA expert consultants.


STEP 3: See your future office come to life ... in 3D using VR glasses.


We will design ergonomic and fully functional aesthetic solutions.


We are ready to do the best for you,

Just trust us!



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